Kate Jablonski choreography - “In This Shirt”

"You have what it takes."

now take it.

Artistry in such young kids like this is incredible! 

"You can be a safe dancer and perform very competently, but you will never be really captivating unless you learn to work through your fear." American Ballet Theatre soloist Isabella Boylston on why dancers can’t afford to be afraid—and how she’s conquered her own anxieties:

(Boylston in “The Bright Stream” - photo by Rosalie O’Connor)


Melanie Moore @ 2013 Dance Teacher Summit - Sonya’s Choreo + Improv = Magic!

dance-4-joy asked:
what college do you go to? i'm applying to colleges also for dance and i want to know your opinions of your college

I’m not sure if I ever replied to this, but I go to George Washington University. Decide if dance is something that you want to do in conjunction with another major, or if you want it to be your focus. If you want it to be your focus, look for schools where you have to audition to be accepted into the program. While this is more stressful, you know that the training will be more intensive. There are a lot of great schools in NY, CA, and all over the country. For you, decide what level of dedication and what style of dance you want to focus on! Also if you want to learn and experience choreography, just focus on your technique and performance ability, or both.

Anonymous asked:
I really want an answer to this question from an actual trained dancer, since I'm just an at-home viewer of so you think, lol. Who do you think has the best technique: Allison Holker, Jaimie Goodwin, Jordan Casanova, or Melanie Moore?

I’m gunna be honest, I don’t watch SYTYCD very often. I do know that I LOVE Melanie Moore, but that her BALLET technique/ability isn’t the strongest ever. I’ve heard wonderful things about Allison Holker. I’m sure every single one of these dancers has amazing technique, but like everyone, has different strengths and weaknesses. I wouldn’t compare them in that way.

"Knowing everything about a person while missing the most important part"

Composition final
Choreography: Sophie Moyer
Music: Know Me Well - Roo Panes

"Knowing everything about a person while missing the most important part"

dress run
Choreographed by me
Music: Know Me Well - Roo Panes


Marlon Dino

Lucia Lacarra

Bavarian State Ballet
Bayerisches Staatsballett

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Finished my piece and set the lighting last night. For 4 rehearsals, I’m happy with it. My dancers really brought it together tonight. very grateful for them!

Debating between the titles: “Are you sure” and ”know me well” 

…… yeah. Here is a video from our last rehearsal!


Erica Sobol Presents “Black Flies/Heavy Skies”



Sarah Lamb/Eric Underwood

this gif is the shit




Sarah Lamb, Federico Bonelli in Wayne McGregor’s ‘Chroma’ created in 2006

photo - © Dave Morgan


dem cheekbones doe


Like father, like son

Top: Dmitrij Simkin
Bottom: Daniil Simkin


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