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Officially my new favourite blog. <3

Thank you!

live-love-ballet asked:
Do you dance at BDC?😀

 I love BDC but I don’t live in NY!

I’m hoping to take a trip there over the holiday break however :)


Have any dance questions you’re dying to know the answer to?

Want advice on something?


Little honey is killllllinnn it.

Wish I knew her name so that I could give her credit!

Nobody’s Perfect by J ,Cole Ft , Missy at Edge Performing, Arts Center.

My precious students in rehearsal for a piece I choreographed over break.

As 10 and 11 year olds who have only ever done ballet and old school jazz, I love seeing how excited and inspired they are to dance this lyrical/contemporary piece. I hope they continue to be inspired by it, and I hope they learn something through this process. 

Always remind yourself to teach, not expect. Teach teach teach. 

I believe in dance.

andd anotha

improv yesterday to tethered - richard walters.

it was therapeutic. 

wow, i just. my soul.

choreography by
emily shock
matt luck
maci cameron
miles yeung
teddy tedholm
kali matthews
emma portner

perfection does exist. here it is.

 A third video of my piece, “Are you sure”.

Jenn Freeman in Sonya’s class. My favorite combination of humans.


Vaganova Ballet Academy

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