"We are lucky to be a part of this world full of music and dancing instead of the real one."

Emily Shock 
Anonymous asked:
What exactly is facility for ballet??

Facility as in the ideal ballet body facility?

High arches/good feet, slender long legs, a shorter torso, flexible hips/turnout/overall flexibility.

Dancers tend to be on the leaner side because of the great amount of athleticism ballet involves. Being in shape with long lean muscles, rather than bulky ones, also creates a nicer line and can reduce injury due to less force on the joints and bones upon impact with the floor. Though people of ALL sizes should and can most definitely dance!

Lots of turnout is ideal, and flexibility is a must…  good feet are great to have too, though they are not essential. Being too tall or too short may also cause some problems.

Everyone is different, and all companies are looking for different things! 



elevatedyourpupilsdilated asked:
Officially my new favourite blog. <3

Thank you!

live-love-ballet asked:
Do you dance at BDC?😀

 I love BDC but I don’t live in NY!

I’m hoping to take a trip there over the holiday break however :)


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Little honey is killllllinnn it.

Wish I knew her name so that I could give her credit!

Nobody’s Perfect by J ,Cole Ft , Missy at Edge Performing, Arts Center.

My precious students in rehearsal for a piece I choreographed over break.

As 10 and 11 year olds who have only ever done ballet and old school jazz, I love seeing how excited and inspired they are to dance this lyrical/contemporary piece. I hope they continue to be inspired by it, and I hope they learn something through this process. 

Always remind yourself to teach, not expect. Teach teach teach. 

I believe in dance.

andd anotha

improv yesterday to tethered - richard walters.

it was therapeutic. 

wow, i just. my soul.

choreography by
emily shock
matt luck
maci cameron
miles yeung
teddy tedholm
kali matthews
emma portner

perfection does exist. here it is.

 A third video of my piece, “Are you sure”.