Alexey Popov @ Vaganova Ballet Academy, 2003.

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Check out this awesome interview from Dance Spirit Magazine!

Make Way for Juliet

Another beautiful piece from my favorite choreographer, Brooke Pierotti.

Brooke Pierotti - Say Something


Evgenia Obraztsova (Photo: Stanislav Belyaevsky)

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Sneak Peek of Mather

Choreography Blake Mcgrath

yes yes yes yes yes yes

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So, I’ve had the image of a “traveling clump” in my brain from the very beginning, but I wanted to wait until we had solidified movement and gotten used to working with each other more before I asked them to create it, because I knew how tricky it would be. And it was definitely tricky. But now that I’ve gotten a feel for what is possible, I can hopefully provide them with more guidance and instruction.

I envision a very tight clump of intertwined movement and bodies with layers, lifts, and weight sharing. Fairly fast and chaotic movement that stops or takes breaths in “pictures”. Perhaps If I figure out these exact “pictures”, the getting there part will be much easier. yep.

Before rehearsal I tired to put the feeling or meaning behind the clump into words. It came out as:

"some will need to be pulled off the ground
many will need help along the way
others will stand alone.
all are connected, all are the same
all create a path to follow and be followed. “

It took an hour, but what they came up with is greattt so far. it’s definitely a starting point and I’m so glad that they are all wonderful and patient humans! xo

…starting to think about costumes, I’m thinking of going with my favorites: Black, shades of grey, and shades or purple. aka the colors of my blog. I just feel like it works. So we’ll see!


Taking phrase 1 to the floor
the giggles are happening
aaaand this again just for fun
the possibly-maybe beginning

quote of the day… "I didn’t fail, I just found 100 ways that didn’t work."

Tate McRae solo at Nuvo
Near Light

trekking onward


These last two rehearsals have been spent playing with spacing and formations. I also taught a new phrase!

Now that I have quite a bit of material to work with, I’m focusing on playing with the movement and putting it all together in ways that are interesting and make sense to me… I’m having somewhat of a choreographer’s block in that sense, but. It’s a journey and i’ll get there.

That’s about all I have to say right now! Still loving my cast to piecez! Got a bit cray this Thursday evening with chocolate, highly advanced turn preparations, and raging club music… but lyke wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunday’s rehearsal:
phrase 3
combined duets
Mary&Michelle’s solos duet

Thursday’s rehearsal:

Phrase 3 cannon
M&M duet into solos
…. lol m&m is officially your new name btw.
Possible beginning 1
Possible beginning 2 
Phrase 3 traveling circle in
Phrase 3 traveling circle out
Circle playing
Phrase 2 traveling circle

They are magical and I’m excited to continue and to see where this movement takes us and what it will all lead to and become~*~**~*~

Jaycee Wilkins - The Dawn
1st Overal • Lyrical • Age 11
Club Dance Studio

oh my god they are heaven

Jaci Royal choreography

UDA 2014 National Champions - practice

Westmoore Pom
Choreography by Emily Shock


Natalia Osipova (with Carlos Acosta and members of the Royal Ballet corps) in rehearsal to Giselle.

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Royal Family Finals Performance at HHI Worlds 2013 - 1st Place MegaCrew Division

Street Dance New Zealand Nationals Championships 2012

ReQuest+Bubblegum+Misfits+Sorority+InLaw­s=The Royal Family