Jack by Breach Choreography by Derek Mitchell

This was just good.

Effortless swag, clean, not over sexualized. Loved it.

Charlize Glass & Sophia Jahadhmy - Grown Woman


2014 Youth America Grand Prix NYC Finals

Rock School dancers Promise Smith, Zachary Downer, Jin Chang Gu, Claire Rathbun, Jin Zhang, and Maya Wheeler have made it to the final round at Youth America Grand Prix NYC Finals!

Also, The Rock School is honored to have its ensemble piece, “Noire et Blanc” invited to perform at Youth America Grand Prix’s 15th Anniversary Gala this Friday, April 11th. Choreography by Rock School Ballet Master Justin Allen. Tickets are still available!

Congratulations to all competing dancers and merde to all of the dancers going in the final round!

Watching choreography in reverse or retrograding the movement on your own body is the coolest way to generate new and interesting movement.

These are clips from The Watcher from WESTSIDE Dance Project. They were reversed for added effecr. For more information on Jessie Riley please visit westsidedance.org. For choreography bookings email Jessie at westsidedanceproject@yahoo.com

Bedside Table

Words by: Lucas Regazzi
Choreographed/danced by: Emma Portner & Amara Barner

Brian Friedman’s class at Millennium Dance Complex - Blow

beautiful tuesday morning things

Jason Gorman choreography

"Give it up for Dani and Keean. Song is St. Augustine’s Road by Mt. Egypt. I do not own the rights to the music, just the moves. Thanks for watching!"

uuughhh. yes.

Emma Portner Choreography

1st Overall • Age 11 • Open
Choreography by Tiffani King
RT Dance Academy

Say Something- Alexa Moffett Choreography

I don’t even know how this is possible for 10 year olds. They are incredible. Wow. Just wow.

"Jaycee Wilkins and Tate McRae average age 10. They learned this 5 days before performing. Enjoy!"

kill it, kid

1st Overall • Age 11 • Hip Hop
Choreography by Tricia Miranda
Studio 13 Dance

wishbone -sophia lucia

This little girl is only 8 years old. So cute and so talented!

Areana Lopez - Warrior